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National Surgical Skills Teaching Scheme

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The National Surgical Skills Teaching Scheme is our new programme in collaboration with the British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO).

The basic principles of surgery are of vital importance to medical students and junior doctors, particularly those looking to undertake a career in surgery. This national teaching scheme aims to cover both the theoretical knowledge required to understand various tumour types for the end of year examinations and practical knowledge through surgeons' perspectives and experiences in performing surgeries on these tumour types. We collaborate with the British Association of Surgical Oncology (BASO) who will support us with speakers and mentors.

Each session will consist of a teaching component outlining the characteristics of a particular type of tumour followed by a surgeon-led discussion based on their personal experiences with cases of this tumour type, potentially discussing cases and the challenges they have experienced. The scheme aims to encompass a wide variety of tumour types, involving a number of different surgical specialities including general surgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery and neurosurgery.

This scheme is targeted at students and junior doctors considering a career in surgical oncology. Attendees will be asked to complete a feedback form at the end of each session which shall be used to guide the running of these sessions in future academic cycles.

We are currently recruiting speakers and mentors for the first cycle of this national scheme which will take place between October 2022 and June 2023.

You can sign up to our mailing list specific to this event to receive future information on upcoming talks and events.

Please contact Sai Kotecha, our Surgical Oncology Chair, for any enquiries via email and stay tuned for our first upcoming session which will be announced on our website and other social media!

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